About KATE T.

Catharina Teofilović alias KATE T. is a freelance illustrator and graduate graphic designer with 24 years of professional experience.

Since 1993 she lives in Hamburg, has worked both in the traditional advertising as well as in design agencies and implemented numerous projects in the areas of corporate, logo, packaging and POS design. She operated in web design, as well as in product development of paper- and small leather goods and has shaped and co-organized exhibition stands and shop designs.

Since 2008 she has increasingly focused on working as an illustrator and has founded her label KATE T. From her previous work field she brought skills such as conceptual and solution-oriented thinking and abstraction.

Depending on the task, she is using different techniques and styles. Her works are mainly digital, always lovingly and full of detail. She has a soft spot for vector-based drawings, which she often accumulates with structures and lively surfaces. But she also produces freehand drawings at her digital drawing tablet, or she edits images on the computer, that she has created analogue (e.g. with watercolor or chalk painting). This technique is also used in her collages: old engravings are cut, changed in color and complex combined with new illustrations and elements.


Due to her versatility Catharina Teofilović is able to provide the most diverse illustrative challenges. She is a member of the german Illustrators Organization IO and guarantees professional, flexible and reliable operation.



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